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V Juice E-Liquid can be purchased in an array of flavors including: Strawberry, Cherry, Mint, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Tobacco, Menthol and others flavors. We also offer short fill V-Juice e-liquid bottles that could even be topped with our nicotine 18mg Nic Shot bottle.

Based in Birmingham, V Juice E-Liquid are a UK based e-liquid manufacturer using a huge selection of flavors ranging from tobacco & Menthol flavor to more exciting flavors like, Sherbert Lemon, Purple Rain, Cookie Monster, Blue Moon and much more. V-Juice e-liquid range currently has 50 exciting flavor with increased into the future. All in the V Juice range is fully TPD compliant and manufactured in the UK

Why Buy Vjuice UK E-liquids from Vvapor?

V Juice E-Liquid values ​​the caliber of the juices they create. Buying only from reputable UK companies, all ingredients are certified without having GM and natural and nicotine is pure and pharmaceutical grade. With professional sterilized equipment, long steeping some time to expertly mixed flavor blends, Vjuice produce e-Liquid the way in which it's allowed to be made.

Quality is from the up-most importance today, with many different inferior foreign e-liquid imports available, you really need attention to detail when selecting your e-Liquids , making certain you're making the best purchase. It's not only quality that sticks out with Vjuice, it's also flavor. With over 40 popular popular flavors inside the Vjuice classic range, and also over 40 more flavor blends in the gourmet / cloud chasing range, Vjuice have something for all. If not, then Vjuice make use of their professional equipment and expertise to blend you whatever flavor you would like, in whatever PG / VG ratio you need. See the variety of eliquids below.

Classic flavors

Click for our- Classic e-Liquid Flavors

Gourmet flavors

Click for our- Gourmet e-Liquid Flavors

Cloud chasing

Click for our- Cloud Chasing e-Liquid

Mix your own

Click for our- Mix Your Own e-Liquid

E-Liquids Without Compromise!

V Juice E-Liquid are an awesome experience. View our eLiquid range above to watch all of our flavors. Classic flavors include apple, cherry cola, bubble gum and more, all at 3x10ml bottles for £ 10. Gourmet flavors are flavor blends and crazy creations, expertly perfected therefore, so morish. Starting at 3x10ml for £ 12. Cloud chasing juices are high VG and low nicotine, suitable to drippers, rba's, rta's and sub ohm mod set-ups. Available in 20ml glass dripping pipette bottles starting at 3x20ml for £ 25. If Vjuice don't have what you're searching for, then mix your own e-liquid using the link above. Made to your exact specifications a great idea is creative!

V Juice 100ml (Over 10 Flavors)

V-juice started originally blending e-Liquid as being a desire for several small shops inside the UK in 2013. Due with the ever increasing availability of our flavors they expanded, but for the last 6 years they haven't stopped! Over the years they've perfected many flavor blends and created some truly awesome e-Liquids . There are over 65 different flavors to pick from plus much more being perfected on a regular basis.

V Juice produce UK e-Liquid ....... But not just any e-Liquid. There E-Liquids are manufactured with great focus on detail with all the tastiest certified flavors, the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and blended by their experts completely in the UK without compromise.

100ml (Nicotine shots come separately).

Please note with a few orders for 100ml with Nic Shot bottles you could possibly receive 10x10ml 3mg ready bottles.

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